On Friday the 13th, January 2017, actor, model, producer and recording artist D.J. CRAIG will release his first full album. A collection of songs that will cement this new artist on the list of artists who defy rules and create a sound of their own, with music that has the stuff to last for years to come. D.J.’s voice is the star of this work and he pours his soul into music that travels through time. The flow of the songs and project is reminiscent of the 80’s and 90’s. It takes you back to the days when music artists were individuals fighting to pave their own path and avoiding traveling on the same road and direction as any other artists. When they broke the rules and created a lane all their own. A major focus on the lyrical content, D.J. trades in the typical conversations about money, fame and misogynist rants, with songs ranging in subjects from love, romance, travel, sex all the way to social injustices, unity and fighting for equality for all humans. This exciting new artist’s debut is an independent effort and with great hope will reach a multitude of people around the world.