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T I I E Y R E T I I E R E - has entered the music scene with an urgency to make you dance, think and feel. 


Before the end of 2019, they will release a 4-part Music EP Series called HŪMN. Each EP with 7-songs. The HŪMN Series includes, HŪMN (Being), HŪMN (Nature), HŪMN (Experience) and finally HŪMN (Touch). 

All music is (co)written and (co)produced by the face of THEYRETHER, D.J. Craig - a dynamic artist and vocalist with impeccable range and performance style. He seamlessly marries the genre-bending sounds which are reminiscent of Prince, Freddie Mercury, George Michael, Phil Collins and modern artists like OneRepublic, Linkin Park, and Twenty-One Pilots.

Stay tuned, in no time, you'll look anywhere, everywhere to find

T I I E Y R E T I I E R E!